Keys to Success

The keys to Chanco's success are simple. Its established and effective market presence is underpinned by six key strengths:

1.       A management team with a great depth and breath of experience and knowledge;

2.       The ability to respond rapidly and astutely to changing market needs;

3.       A keen eye for the latest trends in leather accessory design;

4.       An efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process;

5.       An unswerving dedication to quality at every level; and

6.       Sufficient raw material inventory to capture sales opportunities with short-turnaround time.

With these signature qualities, Chanco has firmly grasped its place in the growing leather accessories market in the world, and now stands poised to take advantage of exciting new opportunities in the global marketplace, particularly in China.

Expansion through Investments

In recent years, the leather accessories market has proven itself a major growth area. Chanco is poised to capitalize on this expansion through a series of strategic developments in its future business plans. Building on its current high standards of production and wide distribution network which have created such success to date, Chanco is looking to increase the range of leather products it designs and manufactures to meet new opportunities and demands in a growing market. And with plans to acquiring leather tanning and processing plants within China as well as conducting leather trading in the future, Chanco is on the verge of increased vertical integration that will guarantee stable supplies, lower cost and the best quality control.


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